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October 22, 2010 launches

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The beta concept of our last digital cowboys has launched! Check out


October 14, 2010

Last night a big success!

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Last nights’ crowd sourcing event was a big hit.  With around 80 people attending, the managed to successfully involve the Digital Cowboys regulars, MMA members, and a big audience from Silicon Cape.  Everyone was very sharing with their ideas & in the end we selected Will Gubb’s idea, which offered a solution to Cape Town’s local problem with the Greenpoint Stadium.  Jarrod Molko of introduced the crowd sourcing concept they are developing and set the tone for the crowd sourcing event.  Katherine (my infamous co-founder of Digital Cowboys) also raised our awareness of a charity event that Habari is hosting on 21 October (details below).

The winning concept

Develop a website that will enable the public to vote for their favourite music artists, and based on ranking, and populist demand, actually try to stage a concert at the Greenpoint Stadium off the back of this.  Enhancing the idea further, we are going to develop  the site to allow any location to vote for musicians they would like to see.  Keep coming back to track the development of the website and mobile site for this concept.  We’ve managed to secure the domain name which I think is fabulous.

If anyone knows who we can reach with regards to the management of the stadium, please contact me.


The other concepts

There were also some other great ideas, here they are:

  • Booking Portal to bring together sports events organisers to use a single portal for runners and cyclists to book through a single interface. (Allan Boyle)
  • Coupons – mobi site where you can grab vouchers to buy products (Alfred Schmidt)
  • Event based social network – web&mobile – users looking to see what events are happening on any given day. Profile is customisable, link in with facebook, etc. Rewards systems from club owners, members can win free drinks, etc. (Bradley Elliot)
  • SMS competition subscription. User can select their product preferences and choose to receive advertising based on their preference. – See Frog’s luck (Brandon Golding)
  • Tell stories about the struggle against the odds in africa, people can post their experiences about how they rised from rags (Bruce Wade by proxy)
  • Social Poking – Extra marital affairs. Find other married people to poke, good bars to visit (Claire Mack)
  • Social network that brings together sporting clubs and events, mountain biking, football, squash. Brings together extra-mural activities. (Greg Mason)
  • Groupon – Getting your community to do the crowdsourcing ideas for you and you approach the retailers on their behalf. Aggregating groupons (Jarrod Molko)
  • CRM, lead gen’s are broken. Buyer can generate custom RFP matcing buying needs. Look at a house, bump phones with somone and store my buying interest, 3 bedroom tamboerskloof. I can change my buying preference according to my constant preference. (Johan Botha)
  • Internet dating site – people can plan their perfect date, rate the restaurants and places visited during the date (Julia Hellman)
  • Upnext – map of city, zoom in, granular detail of restaurants, pubs,etc. rated by other users that have visited those clubs, etc. Map interface – integrated with systems that rate restaurants, etc. Yelp, FourSquared. (Justin Hartman)
  • Dating sites suck – introduce a system where you can rank people, other users rank each other and other people can rate you. (Robert Four)
  • Fundraising site – Help or anything similar. A place to list your fundraising activity raise funding. Administration, funding and marketing can be done to that site without having to develop their own we page. 10 charities – 200 members can pledge online, each person can pledge R10 (Will Gubb)





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